Crawler Cranes


We have deployed TATA P&H 955 ALC Crawler crane in large number as they are in the favourite list of crawler crews. These cranes are used for their rugged usage in the construction industry. These conventional mechanical crane have proved their dependability over a long period of usage.

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80 MT & 100 MT ABG Crawler Crane

We have deployed newer hydraulic crawler crane of 80 MT and 100 MT capacity which has a special feature of loading and unloading without any assist crane thus providing the advantage over conventional crane. They also offer a very cost effective transportation.

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225 / 300 MT American 9310 Crawler Crane with Sky Horse

We have deployed two American 9310 Crawler Cranes which are known for their reliability and adaptability in getting converted to a 300 MT crane with skyhorse attachment. The skyhorse attachment helps in lifting extra counterweights and also increases the stability of the crane. These cranes are a cost effective solution as one can considerably save in rental charges and transportation cost.

No. of Cranes - 2 Details