QHSE Policy

Along with management and service we give equal importance to safety and hygiene. We provide safe and healthy working environment to our employees and customers.

We at SD follow health factors not by rules but by choice. Considering operational hazards we constantly work towards increasing the safety standards. We also heed to experiences, lessons and feedbacks.

Quality Policy

SD gives importance to customer satisfaction. While taking any decision quality is given prime importance. We continuously improve quality performance of service in order to satisfy our customers. We strictly follow the quality standards as per ISO requirements.

Health and Safety

Health, safety and welfare is a part of our work culture. We at SD not only look after individual safety but also that of the co-workers and customers. We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. In case of accident, we work towards the elimination of the root cause. Any kind of injury is not acceptable at SD and we work for the same.


It is not enough to consider the customers, service and the market but at the same time we also respect the environment. SD does not accept any activity that works against the environment protection. We do not produce any waste that harms the environment. We do not use any material that is hazardous to the environment and hence we regularly service our machines so that it can work smoothly and protect the environment in every way.

QHSE policy has become a part of our working environment. All employees have to abide by these rules. All actions have to be taken considering these policies. Any violation in this regard is not accepted